Sunday, 22 May 2011

Google NoFollow Test

I am wondering if Google does actually follow NoFollow links, and if they do have any bearing whatsoever on certain keywords.

So I have generated some random strings that Google will only be able to index IF it has followed no follow links!

These following links are to give Google the initial push, if it follows any deeper, it's breaking the law, break breaking the law!



Go go Google!


rherman said...

Well, what are the results? Did Google follow them and perhaps even index the page?


Imdsm said...

Your search - qHclmNT3Ldfi2WWSs8Je - did not match any documents.

It would seem that Google doesn't publicly follow nofollow links, as you'd expect, but who's to know that nofollow links don't still don't add some SEO relevance?

We did not find results for: qHclmNT3Ldfi2WWSs8Je. Try the suggestions below or type a new query above.

Yahoo also does not seem to have indexed the unreachable text.

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