Friday, 23 September 2011


The problem with Twitter is that you never know whether someone is a spammer with malicious links or if they're a genuine person. While you can read their profile and work it out, this is generally too time consuming especially when my you get on average 3 spammers following you an hour! My Interstellar Workshop twitter account got 6 spamtarts following it within the first few hours!

I propose an Up/Down vote reputation system for Twitter profiles, this could also be used on other non-twitter platforms too. The users would be able to up/down vote a profile, such as up voting Evil Wil Wheaton and down voting spamtarts. Then you could flag the spam tarts, if they have 1) added lots of people recently and 2) have a low reputation, you could suspend them and require they do some verification steps, which the bots wont do!

View post at my website: HOW TO HANDLE TWITTER SPAMMERS

Saturday, 3 September 2011